Holiday’s Homework(2019-20)

                                                                                            Holiday Homework

Summer vacation from 1st  June To 8th  July and school will reopen on 9th july School time will be as usual.

Maths :- Revise ch-1,2  Table of 11,12 Draw and Define circle.Project work:-Make a project on different basic shape with their properties.

English:-Revise L-1,3 with book Ex and dict words.Book reading of L-1,3

Project work:-Make a chart on nouns with examples and common noun and proper noun with pictures.(on scrap book)

 EVS:-Revise L-2,3 Project work:-Cut and collect different types of houses from newspapers and   magazines. Paste them on a chart







                                                                                            CLASS :II

English:-Learn dict word,B_Ex and Q/Ans of L-1,2,3 and write all the learnt work in different (rough) notebook.learn L-1.The Number Song-Change the number,Change the gender Scrap book:-Paste the pictures of different naming words (Nouns e.g pic of fruit) and change the number.

Maths:- Revise ch-2,3  Counting 401 to 500(Dictation)   Number Name 31 to 40 Tables of 2 and 3 Project work:-Make a project on different geometrical shapes.

E.V.S :- Revise B_Ex of L-2,3,4 Project work:-1 Paste picture of parts of body with their names on scrap book(Any five)  2 Paste different types of clothes related to season(2 picture of each)

G.K:- Revise Page no.-7,8,9,10,11,12,13,15




 Spectrum:Ch-4 and 5 Dict word, W/M, Ques/Ans. Essay: Our National Bird  App:Sick leave

 Grammar:Ch-8,9,10,11 Note:-Learn it thoroughly and then write down on holidays homework notebook.

 Write down 20 pages of handwriting.

 MATHS  – Revise Ch-3,4 (2)Solve revision test paper on Book page No.5   (3)  Take a chart write down any fir numbers of 4 digit on it and then represent on the abacus.

 SCIENCE –  Revise unit Test-2 syllabus  L-3,4    A)Q/Ans abd Book ex. Learn and write on holidays H/W note book. B)Scrap Book 1) Do page no-24,31. 2) Paste 10 feathers.3) Paste 10 pictures of birds beaps C) Learn Riddles from page no 49,50. 

 G.K       –   Ch- 1 to Quiz-2 (learn)  page 5 to 20.

 MORAL SCIENCE  –  Ch- 1 t0 4 Learn,Read Ch 1 to 4 . Write meanings of difficult  words (Ch-1 to 4) on an  assignment sheet. You can take help from dictionary

COMPUTER – Learn Ch-1,2  Paste pictures of Input & Output devices on A4 Sheet.

 ART –  Make one Art Piece from  waste Material.


                                                                                                CLASS :IV

ENGLISH – Unit-II Syllabus Learn and Write.Chapter-3,4(Q/A)+( W/M)+(B.EX), Notice +Letter to friend.

Grammar Chap’s ticked exercise Learn & Write.

MATHS  – Revise Ch-3,4. Solve revision test paper on Book page No.47 sums(1-10). Make a chart on Roman number (1-10)   with match sticks

SCIENCE –  Revise unit Test-2 syllabus  L-3,4. (A)Q/Ans abd Book ex. Learn and write on holidays H/W note book.B) On scrap book, Paste 5 pics of each- Aquatic plants, Carnivonous plants, Arboreal Animals, Aerial Animals.Make a chart of balanced diet.

G.K –Learn lesson-1 to 5 Write the meaning of difficult words.

MORAL SCIENCE – Learn ch-1 to 4 and Read ch 1 to 4. Write the meanings of difficult words on the assignment sheets from Chap-1 to 4.You can take help from dictionary.

COMPUTER-  Learn Ch-1,2  Paste pictures of Storage devices & Printers on Scrap book.

ART- Prepared two Art sheets.

SOCIAL SCIENCE- Ch- 2,7 all Q/A+Book.Ex(Learn & Write). Activity:- Collect the picture of the people of North-East in their traditional dresses and paste them in your scrap book.



ENGLISH  –Learn ch-4,5,6 of spectrum with book exercise .Q/A, Word meanings, Learn good Manners and Marriage leave. Learn Grammar ch-10,11,14

MATHS   – Revise Ch-4. Solve revision test paper on Book page No.59. Make a chart on Roman number. Tables 1-20 daily in front of mirror.

SCIENCE – Revise unit Test-2 syllabus  L-3,4. (A)Q/A and Book ex. Learn and write on holidays H/W note book. B) On scrap book, Paste Traffic signals signs, Paste Pictures to prepare balanced diet. Paste 10 pictures of Yoga Exercise, Make a Chart of safety rules on road with traffic rights.         

ART – Prepared two drawing sheets.

MORAL SCIENCE  – Learn ch-1 to 6(Q/A) and Read ch 1 to 6. Read ch- 1 to 6 and write the difficult word meanings on the assignment sheets. You can take help from dictionary.

COMPUTER – Learn Ch-1,2  Paste pictures of 5 generations of computer on Scrap book.

G.K- Revise ch- 1 to 13.

MUSIC – Learn    ਅਲੰਕਾਰ    1 to 15.

SOCIAL SCIENCE- Learn and Write Q/A(Textual &Extra) and book Ex. Of chapter-4,9 and 10. Give ten tests to your parents and get checked. Make a Chart on different means of communication and also paste pictures.











   ENGLISH  –  Learn unit-II sec A,B,C. Grammer- Present Perfect Tense and Present Perfect continuous Tense(Learn)  Writing- Write one page daily for good handwriting.

    MATHS  – Revise Ch-3,4,  Table 2 to 20,  L.M-2,4 and 5(B)

    SCIENCE  –Write experiment number-1,2,3,5,7 on Lab manuals. Learn and write chapter-Fibre to fabric(ch-3), Sorting material into groups(ch-4), Separation substances(ch-5)Activity-Make a weaving pattern with the help of colourful A4 sheets.

     G.K  – Learn 1-13 chapters

     S.S.T- Learn unit-II Syllabus, L-2(Geography), L-3(History) and L-3(Civics), Give Ten test to your parents & getchecked, Map work-Label the Following maps:- Oceans, Rivers of India, Continents of the earth, States  and Capitals. Activity:- Scrap Book-Diversities found in Punjab Kerala.

    COMPUTER-  Make a chart on topic IPO cycle from lesson number 1 .

    ART –Make decorative shaping Bag of Crush Paper, Cloth, Jute, Nylon Thread or Wool etc. Prepared

    Two drawing sheets .DO Book Chapter 49,50,52.


                                                                                                              CLASS- VII

ENGLISH  – Unit-II section A,B,C, E-mail, Past tense (Learn) , Write 1 page daily to improve handwriting.

   MATHS   –Lab Manual activity No. 1st,2nd,3rd  A Do written revision of chapter-2 (Ex-2.5,2.6,2.7) Chapter-3 for unit Test-II, Learn & Write tables 1 to 20.

SCIENCE  –Write experiment number-3,5,8,17 on Lab manuals.Learn and write chapter-Fibre to fabric heat,Acids, Base and Salt. Activities to show Light travel in straight line and Carbondioxide is produced during Respiration with the help of lab Manual.

S.S.T-Map work:- Capital of states,Lakes,State having largest,Major producing states, Scrap Book:-Diversity of

Indian States Only-Punjab,Rajsthan,West Bengal, Learn unit-II Syllabus,  Rechecked the checked home Test(Any Ten)

COMPUTER- Prepare a chart on topic computer peripheral.

ART    – Make 1 Shoping bag of Crush Paper,Cloth,Jute,Nylon Thread or Wool etc(Decorate it),Make 14 Strips of

 Border design Do Book chapter-54,55,56 etc

G.K- Revise ch 1 to quiz 2 Learn all chapters.


ENGLISH    – Unit-II section A,B,Informal Letters,Present tense (learn) Wrie 1 page neatly daily for good handwriting.

MATHS  – Lab Manual activity No. 2nd, 3rd, 9th Do written revision of chapter 3rd& 5th for unit test-II, Learn and Write the square table of 1 to 30 numbers.

SCIENCE  – Write experiment number-2,3,17,19 on Lab manuals. Learn Ch:– Combustion and Flame, conservation of plants and animals, Force and pressure. Read above Chapters & Frame 10 Q/Ans from each chapter and solve numerical of Chapter:-Force and Pressure.

S.S.T- Map work on Political map Minerals, Power Plants, Type of soil, Make Poster on “Save Earth”, learn unit-II syllabus. Rechecked the checked home test(Any Ten)

COMPUTER-Make a chart on the topic Types of Network(LAN,WAN,MAN,PAN)

ART   – Make 1 decorative shoping Bag of Crush Paper, Cloth, Jute, Nylon Thread, Wool etc. Make 6 strips of Border design, Do book chapter 57,60 also

G.K- Learn 1-20 chapters.