The school wheel of academics run in and around the axle of school library. Role of library is of utmost importance and it is the duty of institution to keep pace with it. library and library service are absolutely essential to achieve the development goals. School provides library facilities to both students and teachers to expand the horizon of their knowledge. The school library is an impressive one based on modern principles. Its modular and functional style fulfils the purpose of planned library. There are thousands of books and different magazines and newspapers. The reference collection of the library is continuously updated and augmented. A library has been introduced in Primary section also colorful books with pictures, story charts and letters are kept the children’s use. Library helps the children to develop a love for reading and improves their vocabulary. To enhance the knowledge of the students and to mark it upto date to the requirement of today and for providing them study-material, there is a computerized library with 7840 books for the students. There are also many reference books available in library as book of AIEEE, Encyclopedia and Dictionaries.