School Principal

Being a distinguished part of this integrated Guru Nanak School Family, our coveted goal is to acquire excellence in all fields. Really being blessed by virtue of treading this hollowed path of educating and nurturing a child to be a Spartan in their base, we are always on our toes for excellence in academics which is now a prerequisite to opportunities in high education pursuits. All amenities are provided here to the little angels.

We are leaping towards the fulfillment of our dream of creating class rooms that are invigorating and energizing and in which students and teachers excitedly and delightfully stretch themselves to their optimum capacity in pursuit of knowledge we are trying to ignite a passion for learning in students.

It’s our effort to offer the children a broad and stimulating curriculum so that each child will flower to the best of his/her ability because each child is unique and every child is precious. We combine the tenets of a traditional value based system with global trends and a world class infrastructure.

On one side we at Guru Nanak School working for fostering of creativity to facilitate problem solving, strengthening their abilities to learn independently the provision of a variety of co-curricular activities and opportunities for them to enjoy and learn about their cultural heritage. We are also aware to give opportunities to the staff for professional growth.

We at Guru Nanak School assure the parents to create in our school a climate of trust & love where each child is valued as an individual and is helped to develop a sense of his/her worth and in aware of the contribution he/she can make to the society in which he/she lives. We are always at our toes to foster loyalty, mutual respect and respect for all mankind in the heart of our blooming buds.

 My strong belief rests in the ideology that each school is the path way to educational excellence and the educational reforms give ground to elevating students to higher level of learning in the future yet to come.

We have established high standards of excellence


So I end with a few golden words:-

“A challenge is an opportunity to prove ability to yourself …., and to others.

Most never reach the level of achievement of which they are capable,

because they do not challenge themselves enough…..”