Activity Planner Class NRY To II (2019-20)


6 Apr,2019 Ball Race Visit to Jain Mandir Colouring in Pictures

Colouring Activity

(Page No-6)

Colouring Activity

(Page No-5)

(art magic – 2)

20 Apr,2019 Visit to Mc Donald Hand Impression Jalebi Race Cotton Activity Clay Modeling
4 May ,2019 Hand Impression Frog Race Doodling Activity Visit to Hospital/Aadhar Market Patriotic Songs
8 May,2019 Gardening Activity Leaf Printing Frog Race Poem Recitation Visit to Cowshed
6 Jul,2019 Block Printing Sandpit Activity Bindi Pasting on Scrap Book Visit to Military Area Story Telling
20 Jul,2019 Water Activity Water Activity Cycling Flag Making Poem Recitation
 17 Aug ,2019  Ear Bud Printing  Banana Race  Coin Rubbing  Calligraphy Competition (Eng)  Visit to Airport Sahnewal
24 Aug,2019 Sandpit Activity Ice Cream Sticks Pasting Visit College Visit to Old Age Home Flag Making
5 Oct,2019

 Ladder Jumping


 Visit a fort at Doraha Village/Cowshed  Thumb Impression  Visit to Fish Farm(Landha)  Fancy Dress
19 Oct,2019 Nature Walk/Visit College Paper Folding Activity Visit to Jain Mandir Fancy Dress Visit to Kiln/Jaggery making Process
2 Nov ,2019 Visit to See Aquarium Musical chairs Cotton Pasting Computer Activity Minor Games(Open)
16 Nov,2019 Coin Rubbing Activity Spray Printing Visit Weaving Factory Visit to Railway Station/Post Office  Computer Activity (Fun with Paint)
7 Dec,2019

Jumping  Alphabatically

(A to L)

Visit to Railway Station /Post Office Ear Bud Printing Paper Cutting Activity Birthday Card Making
18 Jan,2020 Visit to Jain Mandir Sticker Pasting

Gardening Activity

(Plant Nursery)

Patriotic Songs Visit to Old Age Home
1 Feb,2020 Thumb Printing Catch and Throw Balls Block Printing Visit to Kiln/Jaggery Making Process Fun with Computer